Hi, I'm Ardelle

I'm a lifestyle and fine art photographer.  I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with my husband, our two boys and a big furry dog.

I carry my camera everywhere, capturing the real life moments of love, laughter, daily activities and adventures in my life.   When I'm not keeping up with a calendar full of the boys’ sports and activities, I love to be anywhere near the water.

I'm an international award winning photographer who's work has been featured in a variety of publications including Photolife Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, Click Magazine, and several photography blogs.  I am a contributor to Offset stock agency and a Freelance Photographer for FlashStock.  I also teach an intermediate/advanced workshop to fabulous artists.  You can hear more about that here.    


Photolife  |  December/January 2017

Sportsnet - The Hockey Issue  |   November 2016

Click  |   July/August 2016

Real Simple  |   December 2015

Click  |   September/October 2015

Click  |   November/December 2014

Click  |   September/October 2014

Click  |   September/October 2013

Click  |   March/April 2013

BabyTalk  |   September 2012


Voice Finalist  |   Category "Color"  -  2016

Voice Finalist  |  Category "Composition and Design"  -  2016

Voice Winner  |  Category "Human Face"  - 2015

Voice Finalist  |  Category "Connection" - 2015

Voice Winner  |  Category "Details" - 2014

Voice Finalist |  Category "Rule Breaker"  -  2014

NAPCP Merit Recognition   |   Category "Children" - 2012


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