Course Description

Are you ready to be pushed to think about your work in a new way?

The mindful photographic approach will empower you to be intentional with the images you make, creating stronger, deeper, more meaningful imagery.   

Photographers have the power to express and communicate messages through their work, leaving lasting impressions with viewers.  When we become more mindful of what we want to say and practice until we have the ability to say those things is when spectacular things happen, vision develops and we create art.   

In this advanced four week workshop, you will work on techniques to identify photographic elements, learn how to use those elements to create a stronger frame, break through creative boundaries, create images that express who you are and what you intend to say through your work, all leading to a gained confidence in yourself as an artist.


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I took The Mindful Approach during its first run last fall, and let me just say I am so glad that I did! Ardelle has an amazing way of making you really take your time and think about what you are including in your photo. After taking this class I can say that I really am more mindful of what is in the frame. She encourages daily shooting and was always available to answer questions. She provided lengthy and thorough feedback to weekly assignments. I think that this class would be beneficial to anyone with a passion for photography, no matter where you are in that journey. Thank you Ardelle!
— Nicole L
I knew the minute I saw this workshop was going to be offered that I would want to take it. I enjoyed every minute of this class. Ardelle pushes you to understand your vision and to take your photography to the next level. She really forces you to think about the choices you make when creating an image. Ardelle was very present during the run and answered questions quickly and throughly. She encouraged us to shoot daily and to be active in the forum. I also appreciated her thoughtful critiques. She encouraged us to push ourselves and create images that are true to our vision. Ardelle’s work is very beautiful and inspiring as well. Going forward, I know I will take the concepts we learned in this workshop and use them daily in my photography. Thank you, Ardelle!!
— Eileen C
This is a must-take!! The Mindful Approach was such an incredible workshop experience. Ardelle put her heart and soul into this workshop. Her assignment critiques were so thorough as were those of her amazing TAs. Don’t be intimidated that this is an advanced level class, but think of it as a class that will push you to the next level. I would suggest that you have a solid grasp of the basics of composition so you can better apply the concepts taught in the class to you work.
— Susan B
Ardelle Neubert has created the most incredible experience in her phenomenal workshop “The Mindful Approach”. When I first saw the workshop listed, I really wanted to join but was nervous that I wouldn’t keep up with the advanced group of photographers that had enrolled. Ardelle helped me to take that leap and I will be forever grateful! Learning from Ardelle has given me the knowledge to observe and read an image, understanding which elements make an image strong and how those elements can be utilised to create stronger images. Although the elements are studied comprehensively, you will have complete freedom with how you choose to use those elements in your own individual approach to photography. There is no formula to learn, no hard and fast rules – this workshop will allow you to explore new techniques and concepts in your own unique way, gaining a better understanding of your own approach to photography.

Ardelle’s materials have been compiled so thoughtfully, with such detailed information, guidance and inspiration. Ardelle’s images are simply spectacular and she uses the images to demonstrate the concepts so perfectly. The learning environment is so varied with pdf’s, videos, and bonus online meetings where you can chat directly with Ardelle and your classmates. Ardelle fosters such a warm and engaging community within the workshop and the interaction between classmates is invaluable. Learning in such a supportive environment has strengthened the work of all participants and it has been a truly special experience.

If you are ready to learn a new visual vocabulary, make stronger images and engage in this inspiring setting, this workshop is for you! You are in for such a treat! This workshop is amazing and I highly recommend it!
— Joanne S
I just finished first run of this amazing workshop with Ardelle and really enjoyed every single moment of it in amazing company of talented ladies and great instructor {shame to say I never heard Ardelle’s name and never seen her work, but when I look at workshop description I decided its “must do” and exactly what I need at this moment. When I seen pre-assignment introductions I felt Im in the right place with thoughtful and mindful people around.
Materials of workshop just amazing – great structured, understandable, motivating, inspiring, creating a constrains and making you think and shoot outside the box with creative approach. PDF’s, videos and our online meetings every week was so inspiring!
I highly recommend this workshop to everyone no matter where you in your photography journey, it will set you on the right track with ability to work on finding your Voice and Vision.
— Olga L